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Small Combinations

1 One Enchilada; One Taco

2 One Chile Relleno; Guacamole

3 One Enchilada; One Tostada

4 One Beef Burrito

5 One Chalupa

6 One Cheese Dip Burrito

7 One Chimichanga, Guacamole; Sour Cream

8 One Avocado Tostada with Sour Cream

9 One Deluxe Tostada

10 One Chorizo Burrito

11 One Chile Relleno; One Taco

12 One Enchilada; One Chile Relleno

13 One Tamal; One Taco

14 Two Enchiladas

15 Two Tacos

16 One Enchilada; One Tamal

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